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Vintage Opium

Georgies Barbier illustration. 1925. It’s estimated that the city had in excess of 1,200 opium dens. The legendary Moulin Rouge was rumoured to be a hub of opium

There, he also discovered the beauty of antique opium pipes, bowls, and lamps, as well as opium trays and the hundreds of little implements

Check out this fascinating trove of images depicting opium addiction from our friends at Dangerous Minds. They write: Opium gained its notoriety in the 19th-century

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Opium definition, the dried, condensed juice of a poppy, Papaver somniferum, that has a narcotic, soporific, analgesic, and astringent effect and contains morphine

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The Sifter recently stumbled upon an incredible collection of vintage mugshots housed by the Historic Houses Trust. Many of these intriguing photographs are also

Opium (poppy tears, with the scientific name: Lachryma papaveris) is the dried latex obtained from the opium poppy (scientific name: Papaver somniferum).

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The First Opium War (第一次鴉片戰爭, 1839–42), also known as the Opium War or the Anglo-Chinese War, was a series of military engagements fought between the

Driven by romantic, spiritual, and medicinal imperatives, the author goes in search of something everyone tells him no longer exists: an opium den. From Hong Kong to

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