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Uncircumsised Dick

449 Famous Males with Foreskins http://www.sleepy.net/men/tart/uncut.html “The following is a list of celebrities and their proclaimed UNCUT status.”

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Dear FGM, The “dick smell” of an uncut, or uncircumcised, penis is produced by sweat or smegma. Smegma is a cheesy secretion from under the foreskin that acts as a

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Have you had sex with an uncircumcised man? I have, and let me tell you a few things about the uncut guy the regular American woman has no idea about.

I’ll be honest; I had to do a lot of research before sitting down to write this article. I have only come into contact with one uncircumcised penis during my short

This Scotsman (aged 28 when these pictures were taken, in 1982) has a rather larger than average penis. His foreskin is typical, with complete overhang.

HOW SMEGMA SERVES THE PENIS by Joyce Wright, M. D. Nature’s Assurance That the Uncircumcised Glans Penis Will Function Smoothly is Provided by Smegma

There’s a lot to love and learn about uncircumcised penises. Here’s everything you need to know.

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A list of famous man who are not circumcised. Originally the practice of ancient religions and cults, circumcision regained its popularity in the 19th century as a

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The official advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics on care of the intact penis.

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