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House Star Passes Away

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Trumpcare Passes House By Razor-Thin Margin; White House Victory Lap Follows

May 04, 2017 · “House Republicans are going to tattoo this moral monstrosity to their foreheads and the American people are going to hold them accountable,” House

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Greek actress Mary Tsoni, who had a breakdout role in the 2009 indie hit tooth, passed away at the age of 30 yesterday. The actress was found dead in an Athens

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The House voted Thursday on GOP legislation to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, as Republicans finally aim to deliver on seven years of campaign

Weeks after hospitalisation, legendary Bollywood actor and BJP politician Vinod Khanna lost battle to bladder carcinoma. Doctors and family were expecting a recovery

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Actor and director Stephen Furst, who starred in National Lampoon’s House, Babylon 5, and St. Elsewhere, passes away at age 62.

House lawmakers voted Thursday to approve a new system to help law enforcement identify people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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A bill that would outlaw “sanctuary” jurisdictions in Texas cleared its last procedural hurdle in the Texas House Thursday afternoon, just hours after the end of

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Just a month after its introduction, a House bill to reverse the Department of Veterans Affairs’ practice of reporting some veterans to the FBI’s NICS system has

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