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Hot Blonde Star Trek

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Star Trek: The Next Generation is a science fiction show created by Gene Roddenberry as part of the Star Trek franchise. Set in the 24th century, about …

50 years ago, CBS decided to take a chance on a little science fiction show that would transform pop culture as we know it. It’s easy to forget that Star Trek was

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I think this was the 3rd movie that the Star Trek reboot really needed. The 1st was riddled with time travel sci fi shenanigans while the 2nd was overwrought with

Kirk, Uhura and Chekov are trapped on a planet where abducted aliens are enslaved and trained to perform as gladiators for the amusement of bored, faceless aliens.

The Star Trek Beyond gag reel is finally here and features botched sets, dubious drinking noises and Chris Pine going ‘full Shat’.

They are the babes we’d all like to boldly go with – the hottest women to ever appear in Star Trek. But compiling a list of the sexiest ever was never going to be

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Star Trek has been beaming, warping, and time-traveling its way into fans’ hearts for over 50 years. But many of the basic truths about the universe are wrong.

It is the year 2306. Thirteen years have passed since Captain James T. Kirk was swept away by the Nexus, after saving the crew of the Enterprise-B.

On paper, Star Trek has always been about exploring a fantastic universe teeming with exotic life. But in reality, the exotic aliens have to be played by actors

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A description of tropes appearing in Star Trek Online. An MMO developed by Cryptic, makers of City of Heroes and Champions Online, set in the original Star …

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